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Kevin’s research and work is pulled together in the United
States. The research takes him to different places across
the globe, but it’s here in the United States were all of the
information gets put together.

As a professor at Queensborough Community College,
the research work that Kevin undertakes is supported
by the institution, which is benefits by having its student
immersed in information that is groundbreaking and
continuously updated.

The Work


As the descendent of Caribbean heritage,
Kevin’s work has taken him to the Caribbean
on numerous occasions.
What started out as trips to Trinidad and Tobago
for Carnival led to a deeper quest into information
pertaining to the history of Trinidadian Folklore,
as well as the deeper meaning behind the Orisha
and Shango Baptist rhythms and movement
that is very prevalent
within the country’s performing arts culture.
The 2011 earthquake in Haiti would be
the beginning of exposure to Haitian culture.

The Connection


Kevin's work in the African Diaspora begins with the Continent
His work began back in 1996 as a student traveller to the country
Senegal. His work with Senegal would continue years later in Washington

As a graduate student at New York University, Kevin would travel to East
Africa for the first time in his career, which allowed him to be exposed
to the cultural traditions of Uganda.

As a researcher, Kevin has also presented his research in the country
Nigeria, which was an amazing experience amongst the smartest and
brightest minds in the world. Where does he go next? That depends
on where the research and the work takes him!

The Source

AfTa Conference 2016


This site is the collection of the writing and research as a performing artist and educator.  It is dedicated to who I am and the community that I am extremely passionate about.  This website is also a testament to the many facets of my journey through life.

For the young people I work with, feel free to gather information that can help inspire you to do great things in this world.  Life will only give you back the energy you put into it.  Everything that I’ve achieved in my lifetime is a testament to the hard work and effort I’ve put into living the best life possible.

Be inspired.

Be motivated.

Be the best that you can be.

-Kevin McEwen

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