ROM Project

The Re-definition Of Manhood (R.O.M.) Project is a grassroots attempt at redefining and addressing the concept of manhood within the African American community.  The program builds upon the research originally done by Mr. Yuma Odom, the Director of the  Temple University Pan-African Studies Community Education Program.  Mr. Yuma’s program will be augmented by a lecture class, followed by a drum and dance class.

Manhood: the state of being and/or consciousness wherein a male willingly accepts his societal responsibilities.

Manhood Defined:
1] A man seeks self-knowledge / wisdom, and then acts upon it;
2] A man is humble;
3] A man is prepared for multiple situations;
4] A man is trustworthy;
5] A man is a critical and consequential thinker;
6] A man is a consciously spiritual and intellectual being;
7] A man is not materialistic but seeks economic / financial stability;
8] A man masters his emotions;
9] A man has a conscious knowledge of right and wrong;
10] A man is exemplary;
11] A man is humane;
12] A man is responsive / responsible to his own children and others’;
13] A man maintains a balance of health and hygiene;
14] A man has a collective consciousness and accountability.

The program is something that is really personal for me as a man because it builds on my own journey and ascension into manhood, where I didn’t have a CLUE as to what I was doing, but was able to make it to this point of my live nonetheless.  I really felt that if I could just get my thoughts and experiences to together and share those moments with some of the younger brothers in the community, that these young ones might have a more successful journey into manhood.

On a personal level, what I will say is that the journey wasn’t easy and it was really lonely. Sometimes, being a man means that you stand alone.  You have to lead by example.  The life that I have chose for myself is definitely like that, however I do s for my community in the most humble way possible.