February 20th, 2011

This is the final week before I take my trip to Haiti. I can’t believe that my time has finally come to make this trip! There’s a lot of significance to me making this trip after all these years, however I’m not going to go into that just yet.

I personally feel like this is the start of my graduate work, which will one day lead to my PhD. Takeyah’s always telling me that you have to speak things into existence (affirmations), so lets hope that this is the case with this next leg on this journey called life.

Getting up to this moment has been a carefully planned exercise. I know I would’ve never made it here were it not for my friends who I’ve considered family from waaaay back in the days of High School and life in South East Queeens, New York. This project came about when two high school friends decided to collaborate together on a common goal of helping out an under-served community. Most people would applaud something like this, but Doris (Executive Director, Edeyo) and I have been doing work like this for close to 17 years now. Although the team and the served community is different, the mission is always the same: uplifting the community and empowering the individual one person at a time!

I can’t help but think about my brother who passed away last year. He would’ve been so proud of this new journey I’m about to embark upon. I said a prayer lastnight thinking of him during the meditation. I know he’s watching over me. I know ALL my ancestors are watching over me! I’m ready for this new journey! Let’s go!