Kofago Block Party

Kofago Block Party, Saturday, August 7th, 2pm-8pm. FREE EVENT!

Living through a pandemic is something generations before us didn’t have to deal with.  The Corona Virus and is global reach is something we will all tell future generations about.  I will be honest in saying that it’s been quit the struggle as a professor to teach dance classes via Zoom and similar platforms.  The technology itself wasn’t the issue, but it was the lack of connection to my students that I truly miss.

As more and more people get vaccinated, there’s been a loosening of the COVID restrictions (some would say that they rushed that part of the process). The members of  Kofago Dance and I have been hard at work to bring you the content and events you didn’t even know you needed!

Our GENERATIONS dance workshops have been a huge success! In addition to the GENERATIONS workshops, we’re excited to bring to you our first (and hopefully annual) KOFAGO BLOCK PARTY! Growing up in Brooklyn, block parties where great events that brought the block/neighborhood/community together.  The Kofago Block Party will do the same thing.  We will celebrate life, community, culture and dance in a way that represents who we are as a company.

The event takes place on Saturday, August 7th from 2-8pm and we have a whole host of activities and entertainment waiting for you to come and check out:

We’ve got some activities lined up for the kids as well (face painting, arts 7 crafts).  All of these events and activities are with the sole intention of bringing our community back together after being separated for so long.  It’s no coincidence that this event will take place at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center (JPAC), which is the same location of our last live Kwanzaa Celebration performance in 2019.

Make sure you click the links above to follow the artists who will perform at the block party.  For people who are interested in vending, please click the link here to register.