I’ve been back in the States now for over a month. Lucky me. Since I’ve been back, I’ve trying to deal with what I saw and experienced in Haiti. I’ve got a quick list of items that I will be focusing on during the next couple of months:

1. Haiti is NOTHING like they say it is through the media. So many people were focused on my safety while I was there, but I can honestly tell you that I never felt like my life was in any danger.

2. Haiti is an African Nation. I say this because it’s a very important concept to acknowledge. For those of you who know nothing about the history of this country, I’d recommend you take some time out to investigate it. during the Atlantic Slave Trade Era, when slaves weren’t cooperative, it was a common practice to ship them to what was then called Hispanola for disciplinary treatment. It’s no wonder why those people, OUR people where the first to fight for their freedom from oppression from their colonial oppressors. I now have a very clear understanding of why the French, American and now the Chinese (they’re just waiting to get a piece) seek to keep Haiti the way it is. there’s money to be made off of the backs of suffering people. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at how gas rose up 4 cents a gallon a day after certain congressmen tried to pass a bill to stop tax subsidies to oil companies that have made trillions in profits over the years. Also, one has to wonder what would happen if Haiti ever got to a point where they could govern and be a nation independent from the meddling of outsiders.

3. Haitian culture is very rich and full of depth. The connection to Africa is very obvious from the food to the music. It is my belief that the people of Haiti just need to recognized the connection and the power within that connection to move them forward through a lot of the challenges they have as a nation. The challenge is that they have to find the power and strength within this connection.