KanKouran West African Dance Company was founded in 1983 by Artistic Director Assane Konte, and former Director of Music, Abdou Kounta, both from Senegal, West Africa.?  I hooked up with this crew back in 2001.  I REALLY didn’t know what I was getting into back then, but almost 10 years later, I can honeslty say that I’ve grown a lot as a person simply by hanging around this particular community.  Will I put in another 10 years as a dancer/drummer/graphic designer/web developer/project manager?!?! Who knows.  What I DO know is that I appreciate everything that this organization has given to me and I also appreciate the beauty within the art form that is West African Dancing and Drumming.  Here’s a couple of pics from throughout the years.

[flagallery gid=7 name=”KanKouran Action Photography”]