We arrived around 1:30pm yesterday.  I’ll be honest in saying that it feels really great to be out of the cold weather in the States and into this 90+ degree weather down here!  After almost freezing to death waiting in the walkway leading to the plane at JFK, walking into this heat (and doing the traditional American de-layering of clothes before entering the immigration center) felt so good!

Airport arrivals at any country outside of the United States can be a challenging experience.  I got a rough reception, but I think it was the peoples way of letting me know that this trip isn’t going to be some “vacation” from reality.  There’s a lot of things going on here and although I’m here to help in some small way, I know that this journey won’t be an easy one.  I came with three big bags full of items to donate to the school in Bel-Air, however when it came time for the bags to be inspected, they tried to tell me that I had to pay taxes on the donated items.  LOL! People trying to get over.  It is what it is.  I ended up not having to pay taxes on the items once they saw the actual school supplies.

musiclessonAfter everyone got their luggage, we headed into town to the house where we’d be staying. We were greeted by a band, which was a great touch on the vibes.  I’m always about enjoying the local culture, so I was geeked when they let me actually learn how to play their drum.  In Haiti, the drum is alive.  When the sun sets, the drum has to to be put down so that it can sleep.  We all at dinner, the had a little meeting to prepare for what to expect once we got to the school on Monday.