Time for Kev to move foward.

As you grow older, there comes a time when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. You stare at the reflection in the mirror and you begin to wonder. Do you even recognize the person in the picture? Do you sit at work, staring at your computer, wonder what the heck am I doing here? Does your heart yearn to be free in a way that words can’t describe? I’m sure you’ve felt it. You’ve probably watched a movie, wishing it was your reality. You’ve probably seen some wealthy person in your life, and not wish to be like them, but rather to have there resources to make your dreams come true.

Too often times in life, an individual must decide between what they want for themselves and what must be done for the greater good of there family or community at large. I’ve done this so many times that it doesn’t even phase me. My Better half likes to say that I do a good job of “Putting others before yourself”. I can honestly say that I do, however it’s not to satisfy some egotistical need, it’s because I really like to help people. But in the end, does always trying to help people put you in a position where you’re sitting at your desk at work, wondering what might have been?!?!

It’s to that end that on this day (December 5th, 2007), I handed in my letter of resignation to my client, so that I may effectively chase my dreams and go after a NEW challenge in my life, once which I feel as though I need REALLY badly! One of my dreams is to lead a life of financial freedom, where I don’t need to answer to an alarm clock, have to worry about rush hour commuting, or have to deal with some louse who thinks they can talk down to me simply because they’re my boss.